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BeerLab's BeerSchool runs Beginner/Partial Mash and All-Grain brewing classes. All our classes are hands-on, with students making their very own batches of beer that they take home at the end of the session. We're passionate about making amazing beer and want to get the world brewing.


Beginner/Partial Mash

Designed specifically for first time brewers or those who want to venture beyond kit-brewing and start experimenting with speciality grains and hops. We start out with some theory and then move into the lab to begin brewing. Each team of students make their own batch of beer which they take home. In addition we'll teach you about bottling with a priming solution. Typical class duration is 4.5 - 5 hours.

Team Building / Parties

This class is a variation on the Partial Mash class with less focus on theory and more focus on fun. A tasting session of various beer styles are also included. We can also tailor the class to your specific needs. Catering can be provided.

All Grain

The grand-daddy of home-brew, All Grain brewing is an art and science. This 5 hour class is designed for students who have already made their own beer and want to move into all-grain brewing. We'd like you to have done one of our previous classes or have read (and understood) our All-Grain introduction document.


The DIY option is aimed at experienced homebrewers who simply need the equipment and space to brew their own beer. Our brewing experts are on hand to help with any problems but essentially you're flying solo. Students can either bring their own ingredients or order them beforehand on our website. The duration of this session is 5 hours. Maximum of three people per station.


Our Lab is based at the very awesome ELEVEN Kitchen Venue in the very fancy Boulevard in Woodstock. The Lab has secure underground parking and a nice Spar nearby to buy yourself some sustenance when the brewing just becomes too much.
Please note that from September classes will be held at the BeerLab premises with its very own brew kitchen and lecture room. We will be able to accommodate a maximum of 8 students and the cost per student will increase by R50 to R800 each for a smaller, more intimate brewing session.


We have six stations, each designed for between 2 and 3 team members.

Each station has:
  • 45 litre mash tun
  • 36 litre pot, 13 litre pot, 6 litre pot.
  • High-pressure gas burner
  • 4 plate gas stove and electric oven
  • Hydrometer and testing jar
  • Thermometer
  • 7 meter immersion chiller
  • Siphon hose with filter
  • Sink with cold water supply
  • Digital scale and Measuring containers
  • Sparge water tank (with tap and hose), Grain bucket
  • Funnels, hoses, connectors etc.
  • Ice, Insulation blankets
  • Spoons, cloths, pot holders, various containers.
  • And lots lots more, basically we have everything you could possibly want or need to make amazing beer. If you're not sure about something feel free to ask.

In additionally the students have access to a Walk-in fridge, washing up facilities, tea, coffee and a few craft beers to enjoy while brewing.


Making beer is a social experience. We'll make up teams of 2 or 3 on the day, but feel free to book with your friends upfront. We can rent you our mini-me fermenters (10 litres) so that everyone can go home with their own bubbling beer.


Our Beginner, Partial Mash and All-Grain classes cost R750 per person. The DIY sessions cost R450 per station (max 3 people). Please contact to book your session. Vouchers for BeerSchool can also be purchased via the website.

Please note that any sessions cancelled by students 7 days or less before a class will forfeit 50% of the class fee.


Our classes start at 9:30am on Saturdays. Contact to book a session.


  • 30 August - Beginner/Partial Mash FULLY BOOKED

    Please note that the dates below will be at our brand new BeerSchool premises at our shop in Ndabeni

  • 4 October - Beginner/Partial Mash 
  • 18 October - All Grain
  • 25 October - Partial Mash
  • 15 November - Partial Mash
  • 29 November - All Grain
  • 6 December - Partial Mash
  • 13 December - All Grain


Beginner/ Partial MashBeginner/ Partial Mash

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