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CheeseLab Deluxe Starter Kit with Starter Equipment

Our Deluxe starter Kit is an easy way to start making your own cheese at home. This kit can make 5 kg of cheese and includes all the basic equipment and ingredients required to get going. 

Feta 900 g (2 batches of 450 g)

Real Cream Cheese 1.36 kg (2 batches of 680 g)

Quark 1.36 kg (2 batches of 680 g)

Crème Fraîche Cottage Cheese 680 g

Mascarpone 340 g

Cultured Butter 450 g


The Deluxe Starter Kit includes:

  • 2 m of re-usable Cheese Cloth
  • Glass thermometer
  • 100 ml of Iodophor (Sanitzer)
  • Cheese mat
  • 1 Cylinder Mould
  • Cheese Salt
  • Powdered Skim milk
  • Calcium Chloride (helps form a curd) 
  • Non animal Rennet
  • 50U pack of Cheese Culture
  • 1 x Pipette
  • Set of Measuring spoons
  • 1 curd cutting knife
  • Illustrated colour instruction booklet that walks you through an easy step-by-step process

Needed but not included:

  • Full Cream Milk

  • 2% milk

  • Heavy cream

  • bottled water

  • 1 Lemon

  • 6 litre Pot

  • Colander

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