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Nutrivin yeast nutrient - 100 g

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Nutrivin is a complete yeast nutritional supplement with added inorganic nitrogen. It can be used on its own or in conjunction with additional nitrogen and will complement all fermentations.
Inactivated yeast
Di-Ammonium phosphate
Ammonium sulphate (70%)

50 to 70 grams per hectoliter (100L).
Make up the required quantity of NUTRIVIN® as a slurry in must or water (1:5) and add to the fermentation with mixing.
Add 30 - 50 g/hl early to mid fermentation (1/3 of sugar depletion) to enhance the quality of fermentations and to prevent lagging or stuck fermentations. Make a second addition of 10 - 20 g/hl at 2/3 of sugar depletion.
Add 20 - 30 g/hl when restarting a stuck fermentation. Follow a recommended re-yeasting procedure