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Light Lager Combo Pack

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Perfect to enjoy on hot summer days.

Low in alcohol (about 3.5 to 4%) with low hop bitterness.

A pre assembled kit which includes brewing sugar and extra hops for dry hopping.

We suggest making 20 L and not 23 L for the beer to have more flavour and depth.

  • 1 Cerveza brew can
  • 1 kg Brew Enhancer 1
  • 30 g Tettnanger hops for Dry hopping

Instructions for use: 

Prepare as instructions state under the lid but only fill your fermenter to the 20 L mark (not 23 L).

Ferment in the low 20's (the colder you can ferment this beer the better). Add sachet of hops after the beer has fermented for 9 days.

Bottle after the beer has fermented for a total of 14 days using carbonation sugar or carbonation drops.

Leave to carbonate for 14 days before cracking open your refreshing light lager.