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Polyclar Brewbrite Beer Wort Clarifier and Beer Stabilizer

Sold in 50g sachet

Polyclar Brewbrite wort clarifier and beer stabilizer is a highly effective and proprietary brewing product. It is an optimized   blend of PVPP and carrageenan, specially designed for addition into the hot block (added while wort is still boiling, typically when there is 10 minutes left to the boil).

  • Effective and highly selective reduction of haze-producing polyphenols (tannoids)

  •  Reduction in the particle size distribution in wort

  •  Brighter wort with improved trub compaction in the whirlpool

  • Increased wort collection 

  • protection against chill and permanent haze development

  •  Improved fermentation characteristics

  • Longer filter runs with better beer clarity

  • Can be used as an alternative to Irish Moss

How to use:

Polyclar Brewbrite wort clarifier and beer stabilizer can be used directly as a powder.
Polyclar Brewbrite wort clarifier and beer stabilizer is added to wort during boiling, usually 10 minutes before the end of the boil. It may also be added directly to the whirlpool at the cast stage.

The typical addition rate will be 20g/hl (ie 2 grams per 10 liters)

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