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16.5 %AA

Pahto is a high alpha American variety that was developed for hot side and early kettle additions to efficiently deliver bitterness to beer.

When used as a bittering addition hop Pahto provides a very neutral flavor to beer, and a pleasant bitterness. The aroma profile of the hop cone is described as herbal, earthy, woody, and resinous with some fruit.


Pahto is a super alpha hop cultivar with a very mild and pleasant aroma, high yield with a very high alpha content, good storage, and good resistance to hop powdery and downy mildew. The mother of Pahto is a breeding line of the HBC with similar characteristics. These valuable characteristics come to the mother by way of her father who is a fine “English gentleman” from the breeding program at Wye College in Kent, England.


ALPHA-ACIDS* 17 - 20 %
BETA-ACIDS 4.5 - 6 %
MYRCENE 48 - 52 %