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Miami Weiss - Wheat Beer

Take the next step in brewing by trying one of BeerLab's easy to brew tried and tested Partial Mash recipe kits. 

The perfect beer for a hot summers day packed with banana and clove flavour. Smooth and silky mouthfeel with a low hop bitterness. Try adding the zest of 2 whole oranges or lemons for a refreshing citrus twist.

Style: Weizen
Batch size: 20 liters
Original Gravity: 1.048
Final Gravity: 1.012
Alcohol: 4.69%
Bitterness: 15.7
Colour: 5.5

Included in Kit:
1.2 kg Wheat Malt
1.2 kg Pale Ale Malt
1.5 kg Unhopped Muntons  Wheat Liquid Malt Extract
55.0 g Hallertauer Hersbrucker
1 x Lallemand Munich classic wheat beer yeast
Carbonation: 200 g Sucrose

Step by Step Instructions

Please indicate if you would like us to crush the grain when you check out your order.

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