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7 Liter All Grain Beer making Kit - West Coast IPA

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Start brewing with All Grain first time.


Our 7 Liter brewing kits contain all the equipment and ingredients needed to get started on on your brewing adventure.


A variety of recipe kit refills are available. 


Our 7 Liter brewing kits contain the following

The Equipment

  1. 10 Liter Bucket fermenter fitted with a grommet, airlock, adhesive thermometer and tap.
  2. Bottling tubing
  3. Grain Bag
  4. Glass thermometer
  5. 14 x clear 500 ml bottles (plastic) including caps
  6. 30 ml Sanitiser 

The Recipe kit included 

  1. Full set of instructions
  2. Variety of Grains (malts)
  3. Hops
  4. Yeast
  5. Carbonating sugar (also called priming sugar)

More about the West Coast IPA


West Coast IPA's focus on one thing. HOPS!

This IPA is packed with Citra and Simcoe for a tropical and grapefruit zest hit you will keep on coming back for.

Each recipe kit contains the following:

  1. Measured out grain (malt)
  2. Hops
  3. Yeast
  4. Irish moss (to clarify)
  5. Carbonation sugar (also called priming sugar)
  6. Important - We will pre crush the grain as soon as your order is placed

Recipe Design: Andre Kruger


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