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7 Liter All Grain Beer making Kit - Wheat Beer

Start brewing with All Grain first time.

Our 7 Liter brewing kits contain all the equipment and ingredients needed to get started on on your brewing adventure.

A variety of recipe kit refills are available. 

Our 7 Liter brewing kits contain the following

The Equipment

  • 10 Liter Bucket fermenter fitted with a grommet, airlock, adhesive thermometer and tap.
  • Bottling tubing
  • Grain Bag
  • Glass thermometer
  • 14 x clear 500 ml bottles (plastic) including caps
  • 30 ml Sanitiser 

The Recipe kit included 

  • Full set of instructions
  • Variety of Grains (malts)
  • Hops
  • Yeast
  • Irish moss (to clarify your beer)
  • Carbonating sugar (also called priming sugar)

More about the Miami Weiss Wheat Beer

The perfect beer for a hot summers day packed with banana and clove flavour. Smooth and silky mouth feel with a low hop bitterness. Try adding the zest of 1 whole orange or lemon for a refreshing citrus twist

What do you need extra?

Nothing, apart from a pot ( 9 Liters or bigger)

BeerLab supplies quality beer ingredients and brewing equipment -- We're passionate about the art and science of brewing.

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