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LalBrew® Essential Lager 1 kg

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1 kg Brick

A blend of 2 Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains selected from the Lallemand Yeast Culture Collection for the production of traditional lager style beers. This particular blend is capable of utilizing sugars at traditional lager temperatures and was selected for its neutral flavor and aroma. 

Yeast can be pitched directly or rehydrated prior to pitching. Re-pitching and propagation are not recommended for the LalBrew® Essential Series since the
proportion of each strain in the blend will be altered.

Quick Facts:

Beer styles: Wide variety of Lager style beers

Aroma: Neutral, slightly fruity

Attenuation: High

Fermentation range: 10 - 15 degrees Celcius

Flocculation: High

Alcohol Tolerance: 14% ABV