BeerLab is open to walk in customers again. Maximum of 4 customers allowed in the shop. You can also order online and we will notify you collect - Turnaroud time is approximately 2 working days due to higher than usual order volumes. We deliver nationwide.

Covid-19 Store Hours and Policy

Dear customer, please note we are online only for the time being. No walk in customers, no browsing.


To protect our staff, their families and our valued customers.

If one of our staff members falls ill the shop will need to be shut down completely for 14 days.

This would mean customers cannot purchase any ingredients/ equipment and our store loses weeks worth of revenue.

Unfortunately this is a risk we simply cannot take.

Please order via our website and select to collect your order. 

The website keeps track of our inventory and will show you what we have in stock as well as pricing.

We understand it's difficult not being able to come into the shop and browse, but we need to keep ourselves and our customers safe. It won't be like this forever, but for now it's our store policy.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email us on - our phone lines are disconnected so we can focus on getting orders our as quickly as possible for our customers.

Thank you for understanding


The BeerLab Team.