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BeerSchool Voucher - R1050

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Gift Voucher for one of our  Beginner/Partial Mash classes

All our classes are hands-on, with students making their very own batches of beer that they take home at the end of the session.


Beginner/Partial Mash

Designed specifically for first time brewers or those who want to venture beyond kit-brewing and start experimenting with speciality grains and hops. We start out with some theory and then move into the lab to begin brewing. Each team of students make their own batch of beer which they take home. In addition we'll teach you about bottling with a priming solution. Typical class duration is 4.5 - 5 hours.

Please note that All grain classes are not held anymore.

Dates for BeerSchool can be found on the BeerSchool page on the BeerLab website.

The receiver simply needs to email us at with the date and type of class they want to attend and we will enroll them.