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Ekuanot IPA 20 L

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You need a All grain setup for this - not for Beginners.

Sugar for Carbonating & Irish moss is not included.

Please note that these kits cannot be returned/exchanged for something else.


20 L all grain recipe kit 

Estimated alcohol: 6.4 %

IBU's: 43

A easy to drink (not overly bitter) IPA is loaded with Ekuanot hops (formally known as Equinox). 

You can expect flavours like lemon, lime citrus and tropical fruits like papaya and mango. A fourth hop addition to dry hop is included. 

This kit contains the following to make 20 liters of Beer:

-Various Malts mixed together

-4 Hop additions

-American Ale yeast

-Step by step work order/recipe

Recipe Design: BeerLab

(Irish moss is not included)

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