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Home Fresh Cheese Maker

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How exciting is that: making your own fresh soft cheese or fresh sliceable cheese from cow's, sheep's or goat's milk! You don't have to be a farmer – or be called Jamie – to do it. All you need is this Cheese-Making Set for Fresh Cheese.

Buy some fresh milk and buttermilk and you can get started. With simple step-by-step instructions you'll soon be making cheese like a real cheese-making farmer! After a night's sleep you can flavor the cheese with salt, herbs or ... let your inspiration run wild – this jar contains enough to make cheese 15 times!

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What comes in the box?

-       preparation instructions/recipe
-       cheesecloth
-       spreading knife
-       thermometer
-       4 cheese molds
-       2 rennet tablets
-       wooden spoon
-       15 gr. Provencal herbs
-       50 gr. salt