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Karamel Munich 3 Malt

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Best Malz
Lovibond: 50 - 76
EBC:  16 - 24 


BEST Caramel® Munich III (crystal malt) is the darkest caramel malt in the BEST Caramel® Munich range. Even when used in smaller amounts in the grain bill, this malt can produce beers with a strong, dark color.


BEST Caramel Munich III (crystal malt) intensifies the beer color and malty aroma of dark caramels and dried fruits. It gives the beer a significantly darker color and increases foam stability. In addition, it enhances the full-bodied character of the beer with flavor of intensive roasted almond.


Can be used for making all kinds of dark, special beers, where a full, round mouth feel that is reticent of toast and bread crust is required. The pleasant, roasted flavor components of the malt are distinctly perceptible in the beer, depending on the amount used in the grain bill. BEST Caramel® Munich III complies with the purity guidelines of the German Reinheitsgebot.

Available Crushed on request

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