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Mad Millie Cheese maker vat and incubator kit

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Keen to make your own cheese or yogurt at home? Mad Millie’s cheese maker vat and incubator set will have you making it like a pro in no time!

The Cheese incubator and Vat set by Mad Millie is the perfect set of tools to take your love of cheese and yogurt making to the next level. This set allows you better than ever before to create your own dairy products by allowing you to maintain the ideal temperatures outlined in each and every cheese and yogurt recipe. By combining this kit with the Q-shops other cheese and yogurt kits, you will be churning out your own amazing dairy products sooner than ever.

Included in this kit:
• Cheese incubator
• 4L Cheese Vat
• 1L Soft Cheese Vat
• Full Detailed Instruction booklet

Packaging Size: 325 x 325 x 235mm

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