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MattMill Classic Basic™

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f you enjoy brewing and prefer to build up your malt mill according to your requirements, than this is the solution for you. A core malt mill with building plans. The MattMill Classic Basic™ maximizes your yield from your grist, while gently providing the perfect husk texture. Poorly crushed malt results in extraction losses during the mashing process and who doesn’t want to have all the goodness of the malt in their beer.

You can’t go wrong with this German designed and produced malt mill and should you run into an unexpected problem, we are here to help. We will service all MattMill™ products in our workshop locally, giving you the peace of mind that you will always have a perfectly working MattMill™.

MattMill™ Quality – Made in Germany!

A DIY malt mill with all the required manuals and drawings to build your own hopper and base plate.

  • the milled texture of the gnarled rollers (Ø 35 mm / 171 mm long) guaranties life-long maximum sharpness, due to hardened (plasma nitrited according to HRC55) stainless steel; gentle to husks, providing great husk texture for a smooth lauter process.
  • all parts are designed and manufactured in Germany, each mill is hand-assembled to guaranty the consistent high MattMill™ quality. (Intentionally NOT made in China or elsewhere).
  • permanently reliable malt collection, fully synchronized with high quality friction rings.
  • continuously adjustable 0 – ca. 2 mm via eccentrics.
  • solid, closed housing made of aluminum and stainless steel: safe, no experiments, no dust.
  • durable and maintenance-free.
  • Bolt to secure your Hopper.
  • optional crank drive available, or with a standard 6 mm hex bit.
  • Performance: up to 4 kg best grist per minute, with a crank about 1-2 kg / min (depending on your fitness) (approx. 17 gr / rev.)
  • Your MattMill™ comes with a standard 6 mm hex bit, a user manual and technical drawings to build your own hopper and base plate.

A hand crank can be ordered separately.

The MattMill Classic Basic™ comes as a DIY solution for the avid home brewer.

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