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Mini Keg 5 Liter

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Mini Kegs are compact and portable making them the ideal way to enjoy your brewed beer on tap at home, or take to a party or braai. They also fit inside your fridge so there not need for special cooling equipment to keep your draught cool.


The kegs are made from steel and come standard with a dust cap and 1 two piece rubber bung (reusable bungs are used to seal the mini keg when carbonating your beer)

How do mini kegs work?


Beer is carbonated inside the mini keg (just as you would with a bottle) by using one tablespoon of dextrose per keg. After 2 weeks the beer can be chilled and tapped from the keg by attaching the Beer King 2000 draught tap to the keg (it clips onto the top of the keg). The beer will flow out of the tap without any initial CO2 needed but after a few pints extra CO2 is needed to dispense the beer.


To add extra CO2 a 16g CO2 canister is screwed into the draught tap (CO2 can be adjusted by a valve on the tap)


How do you fill and dispense beer from your mini keg?

  1. Clean your keg with a mild soap solution or product like oxydet and let it soak for a few minutes.
  2. Rinse well and sanitize the keg and two-piece bung
  3. Add 15 ml of dextrose to the keg and fill the keg with beer leaving 3.5 cm of head space on top (this is very important)
  4. Wait 2 - 3 weeks for the beer to carbonate before chilling overnight
  5. Sanitise the spear (long tube) of the Draught tap (Beer King 2000)
  6. Push the Draught tap spear through the small hole in the bung and clip into place
  7. Depress lever and pour yourself a well earned beer
  8. When the beer stops flowing push the 16 g CO2 canister into the draught tap fitting, tighten and dispense as usual.
  9. (the pressure can be adjusted using the dial on the draught tap)


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