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No Rinse Sanitiser - Concentrate 1 L


Dilution 1:100

Independently tested to be effective agains bacteria, yeast and fungi. Continues to be effective even when dry.


Independently tested to be effective against microbes typically found on surfaces.


Our own testing proves that Byotrol carries on being effective even when dry, lasting for many days on undisturbed surfaces. Most disinfectants stop working as soon as they have dried.


Byotrol is water-based, non-corrosive and non-hazardous in use and kind to the environment.


Application Areas:

Can be used as a terminal sanitiser on process equipment, preparation tables, tanks and pipelines found in the Food and Beverage industry. Ideal for use in tray washers, crate washers and boot washers where residual efficacy is advantageous.

Application Instructions:

Ensure surfaces are visibly clean, spray on and wipe with a clean cloth. Allow to air dry. 

Dilution %

Non-food: 2%

Food contact: 1%

Food – Cold Areas:

Healthcare: 2%



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