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Rental - Wine/Cider/Fruit Press

Rental is per day

Traditional ratchet style presses are made with a pressed steel basin with an enamel coating. The basket staves are made of a hardwood and fastened with chrome plated bolts. Baskets are in 2 pieces for easy disassembly and removal of pomace. Also included are 6 hardwood blocks and two hardwood half-rounds to more efficiently and effectively press grapes and extend the reach of the ratchet. These presses come with a removable shaft which has a large nut on the bottom of the basin. The ratchet mechanism allows you to exert more pressure on the grapes than would be possible with a simple screw mechanism.

The "number" (#) of the press refers to the diameter of the basket in centimeters. There is no direct relationship between the diameter of the basket and the capacity in gallons or the number of pounds of grapes it can hold.

#30 specifications:

  • Basket diameter: 30.48
  • Basket height: 43.18
  • Basket capacity: 30 Litres

We reccomend lining the press with a mesh type material (like a mosquito net) to keep the fruit/grapes together

Link to using press:

Please note a cash deposit of R1500 is due on rental.

Please make yourself familiar with how this press works before using. You will be held liable if the unit is damaged. 


  • Price is per day
  • Equipment rental is for collection only
  • R1500 CASH deposit
  • Call or email to check availability.
  • Equipment needs to be returned by 12:00 the next day

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