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Roasted Barley - Castle Malts


EBC 1000 - 1400

Lovibond 375.6 - 525.6

Château Roasted Barley is a highly roasted barley that imparts a burnt, grainy, coffee-like flavor to your beer. It has many characteristics of Château Black malt, though it is far more complex. It actually has some starch that can be converted during the mash, thus impacting the specific gravity. Château Roasted Barley will also lend to the sweetness to the beer. If compared to Château Chocolat and Château Black malts, roasted barley produces the lightest colored head. Imparts a deep red mahogany color to beer and very strong roasted flavor. Gives dryness to Porters and Stouts.

Uses: Porters, Stouts, Dark beers

Rate: Up to 10% of grain bill (generally use 3-7% for a coffee flavor in Porters and Stouts and 2-5% to add complexity to darker brews)

Available uncrushed or crushed in-house on request

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