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BeerLab introduces Thomas Fawcett Malts

Posted by Lynnae Endersby on

When we started looking at another malting company to supply BeerLab with quality, hard to find malt varieties it did not take us long to decide on Thomas Fawcett and sons. Their rich history, the fact that they still do traditional floor malting and their outstanding reputation for quality made the decision a easy one (our fondness for English style beers also helped!). To our knowledge, this is the first major consignment of English malts to be made available to local home brewers.


One of the owners of Thomas Fawcett (James Fawcett) personally assisted us with our first order (talk about a personal touch). We had to apply for importers codes, source freight and forwarding companies and learn the lingo along the way. After  tracking our malt on its 2 month long journey from the UK it finally arrives today, and we are very excited to introduce these new varieties - especially Maris Otter, a renowned English varietal.  Here is some history on our newest partner in brewing.




The Fawcett family has been making malt in Castleford, West Yorkshire since the late 1780's. They still operate on their original site in Castleford, West Yorkshire where all their products are manufactured.

Fawcett's supplies malts to brewers who produce Morland's Speckled Hen, Bass' Caffreys Irish Ale and the beers of the Black Sheep Brewery to mention a few.

Fawcett's has kept abreast of technological progress in the malting industry without losing sight of traditional and proven methods. Today, Fawcett's remain as one of the few Maltsters still operating a floor maltings in conjunction with a saladin maltings and a state of the art automated germinating kilning vessel (GKV).




The Company produces an extensive range of coloured malt products from the palest caramalts through the crystal colour range to the chocolate and black malts. The company operates roasting machines that roast between 0.5 tonne and one tonne of product at a time since they believe better results come from smaller batch sizes


The Range of Fawcett's Malt available at BeerLab

Maris Otter
4.5 - 5.5 Main ingredient for all varieties of bitters, milds and stouts
Caramalt 25 - 30 Lager flavour pale
Pale Crystal 60 - 80 Lager - Pale Bitter (flavour and colour)
Dark Crystal 200 - 400 Milds - Dark Bitters (strong reddish)
Amber 90 - 110 Bitters - Pale Mild
Brown 110 - 140 Milds and Darker Bitters
Chocolate 940 - 1100 Stout and Dark Milds
Wheat Malt 3.5 Head retention - dry biscuity flavour
Oat Malt 4.0 Enhances body and flavour of Stouts, Porters and Winter Warmers
Torrefied Wheat 3.5 Enhances head retention and produces a slight biscuity flavour



Click on the link to see James Fawcett inspecting malted barley and their malt being used at Hawkshead brewery in the UK.