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DIY Biltong maker

Lynnae Endersby

Making your own biltong box is very easy and inexpensive. Anyone can do it!

What you will need:

  • A box - Free
  • USB fan - approx R110. These can be purchased at most retail stores like Clicks. You can also buy them on www.takealot.co.za
  • A plug for your usb fan - Free (this can be a computer/laptop or standard android USB charger) see below


  • Zipties/Cable ties (you need about 15) - R5
  • Newspaper (Free)
  • Cheesecloth or Mesh (to keep biltong hungry bugs away) - R8
  • Optional - Cupboard airing discs (the white discs in the photos - they cost about R3 each)
  • A Dowel stick (wooden rod) - R8 (see below)


Total cost =  .R131

Step 1

Tape the underside of the box closed. Line the bottom with a few layers of newspaper (this will catch any spices or drops of marinade that falls off the biltong while it dries).

Step 2

Cut two large windows on each side of the box (approx 30 cm x 15 cm) - Stick Cheesecloth (we prefer this one - available at CheeseLab http://www.cheeselab.co.za/collections/equipment/products/disposable-cheese-cloth  or a mesh over the windows with some tape (duct tape works well). The windows will let air circulate to help dry the biltong.


Step 3

Cut a hole in the bottom of the box to fit the fan. The hole should be small enough to you can squeeze the fan in (any excess space will need to be filled as bugs will be able to get to your biltong). Tie the fan to the box with zip ties to keep it secure.


Step 4

Use a pencil or something sharp to make holes for the dowel sticks to fit into snugly. Make sure you leave enough space between the dowel sticks ( about 6 cm) as the biltong must have air circulating around it and it should not touch other pieces.


Step 5


Step 6

Hang the biltong and switch on the fan. Cover the top with a large cutting board or tape to seal it off (and avoid bugs). Leave the fan running for 3 to 7 days - depending on how dry you like your biltong.


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