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Yogurt Culture YF-L811

Yogurt Culture YF-L811

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CHR Hansen YF-L811

A Thermophilic Yogurt Culture - YoFlex

Composition: Defined mixed strain culture containing Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobaciluus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus blended in a convenient freeze-dried form to produce yoghurt.

YF-L811 will produce a yoghurt with a very high body, very mild flavour and  very low post acidification. The culture is ideal for manufacturing the following types of very mild yoghurt


Presentation: Pellets

Directions:  Remove cultures from the freezer just prior to use. Do not thaw. Disinfect the package prior to opening. Open the package and pour the frozen pellets directly into the pasteurized product. Agitate the mixture slowly for 10-15 minutes to distribute the culture evenly.

Recommended incubation temperature: 34 to 45 Degrees Celsius

Pack size: 50u - enough for 250 Liters of milk


Greek yogurt made with yogurt culture.
Tried and tested by our Shop Manager Andre Kruger

Ingredients required:


Firstly sanitize all the equipment you'll be using. (http://www.cheeselab.co.za/collections/ingredients/products/iodophor)

Pour the milk (combine with milk powder if using) in a pot and slowly heat to 84 degrees Celsius and then let it cool down slowly to 46 degrees Celsius.

Ensure you keep your thermometer your sanitizer solution to prevent possible contamination when taking temperature readings..

Once your  milk has cooled down to 46 degrees you can gently whisk in about a quarter of a teaspoon of yogurt culture (about 1ml) and then cover the container.

The temperature has to be maintained at 46 degrees for at least 6 hours , so a hot-box or wonderbag is a wonderful accessory to have for this purpose , but you could alternatively wrap the container in a blanket.    


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