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BeerLab Basic Brew Kit - Free Shipping!!

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Our Basic Brew Kit is an easy way to start brewing your own beer and includes all the basic fermentation and testing equipment required to make your first batch. The equipment is easy to use and is completely expandable to accommodate your future brewing needs. Makes 23 liter batches.

The Basic BeerLab Brew Kit includes:

  • 25 liter fermentation bucket with lid and tap
  • Fermentation airlock and grommet
  • Bottling tube
  • Adhesive thermometer
  • Priming sugar
  • Emily Bottle capper.
  • 50 bottle caps
  • Long spoon
  • Hydrometer
  • Plastic measuring cylinder 
  • 1 kg dry malt extract (brewing sugar)
  • 1 x Coopers Real Ale (or other DIY kit of your choice - simply select from the drop down option)
  • Instruction Sheet

Needed but not included:

  • Unscented bleach (sterilizer) or a no rinse sanitizer
  • Empty glass bottles (not screw tops) or PET bottles.

Don't want a Real Ale Brew Can? You can swop out your real ale for a any of the DIY brew cans. 

These include Lager, Dark Ale or Stout.

Simply leave a note which brew can you would prefer if the real ale is not to your liking & we will swop it out for you.