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Red Wine Yeast

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Sold in a 30 g packs

dosage: 30 grams per 100 L

Perfect all rounder to make your own red wine at home.

Yeast characteristics:

Enhances red berry and minty aromas in Cabernet Sauvignon, red berry aromas in Merlot and blackberry, black currant, tobacco and prune aromas in Pinotage. It is recommended for the production of red wines with or without wood maturation.

Has a high alcohol tolerance, good fructose utilization and a stimulating effect on malolactic fermentation, when compared to other red wine strains. It is therefore especially suitable for the vinification of high sugar musts where the resulting high alcohols at the end of fermentation can potentially cause sluggish or stuck alcoholic fermentations and/or problematic MLF's.


Cold tolerance: 18°C (64°F)  

Optimum temperature range: 20 - 28°C  

Temperatures must not exceed 30°C 

Osmotolerance: 26°Brix, 14.4 Baumé  

Alcohol tolerance at 20°C (68°F): 16%  

Foam production: low 


Glycerol production: 9 - 12 g/l  

Volatile acidity production: generally lower than 0.3 g/l z 

SO2 production: none to very low 

Nitrogen requirement: average 



We reccomend using a yeast nutrient for best results.