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Recipes — East Kent Goldings

English Pale Ale

Posted by Lynnae Endersby on

English Pale Ale (All Grain) Deep Amber Coloured Pale Ale with a rich malt background and light fruity hop aroma. This beer is ready to drink as soon as its carbonated. It will peak at 1 to 3 months. Serve 10 oC Batch size: 20 liters  Efficiency: 70.0%  Original Gravity: 1.053 Final Gravity: 1.013 Alcohol: 5.25% Bitterness: 38.6 IBU  Boil duration: 60 min  Water needed 13 L @74 C for Mash-in (Mash ratio = 2.6 L of water per kg grain) 20 L @ 76 C for Sparge (Sparge ratio = 1.5 x quantity of Mash Water) Ingredients  5 kg...

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