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Czech Pilsner - 20L

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20 L all grain recipe kit with all ingredients included.

This beer is ready to drink after 2 weeks of fermentation ( 12 - 15 degrees celcius) and Lagering  (below 5 degrees celcius) for one month. 

More about this beer

A refreshing bright Gold Pilsner with a wonderful floral bouquet thanks to the use of only Saaz hops. This delicate Pilsner is perfectly balanced between hop bitterness and malt sweetness. (One is never enough!)

This beer is ready to drink after two weeks of fermentation and Lagering for one month after.

This kit contains the following to make 20 liters of Beer:

-Various Malts

-Various hop additions (over 100 grams of Saaz hops)

-German Lager Yeast

-Step by step work order/recipe

Recipe Design: BeerLab