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Cheese Salt

300 g pack

Salt enhances the flavour of the cheese, Cheese salt is a coarse, non iodized flake salt that is similar to pickling salt.  It is usually added to the curds just before they are pressed and, in some cases rubbed gently on the outside of a cheese after the rind has formed.  Cheese salt is also used to make saturated brine solution in which cheeses are soaked.

Cheese salt performs many important functions.  It draws moisture from the curd, helps drain the whey by causing the curd to shrink, inhibits the growth of lactic bacteria toward the end of the cheese-making process, and acts as a preservative by suppressing the growth of undesirable bacteria.  

STORAGE: Store in a cool dry place. Will last indefinitely if stored properly.

Do not use iodized salt, iodine inhibits the growth of starter bacteria and slows the ageing process.


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