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Tequila & Fruit Brandy Distilling Yeast 100g

Tequila & Fruit Brandy Distilling Yeast 100g

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Tequila & Fruit Brandy Distilling Yeast 100g

Produces a broad spectrum of flavour congeners and gives a desirable taste profile on many different substrates, giving it a wide range of distilling applications. 


Product features

Displays a wide range of temperatures for fermentation including low temperatures. However highest alcohol production yields at temperatures between 30°C to 35°C. 

Short lag phase, which helps it compete against contaminant bacteria and has a fast fermentation rate in a wide pH range. Lower to average nitrogen need than other distillers strains.  It ferments well at low temperatures and is effective at restarting stuck fermentations. High alcohol tolerance up to 18%. Competitive factor K2. Low to average production of volatile acidity.



Fantastic ability to ferment glucose and fructose in high-stress conditions; this allows a good implementation in the must/wash, resulting in fermentation with low residual sugars and high ethanol content.

• Contains the killer factor K2, enabling it to outcompete wild yeast in the fermentation.

• Displays good temperature tolerance (18°C - 35°C) and a short lag phase which limits the development of wild microorganisms.

• Recommended for use in the production of tequila and fruit brandies.

• At low-temperature fermentation with the right nutrition, this yeast produces fruity and floral aromatic profiles, which are well-suited for the production of brandy.

• At higher temperatures it displays aromatic profiles which are well-suited for tequila such as increasing complexity and fruity characters



Normal dose rate 0.15 - 0.30 grams per liter of wash or juice (dosage: 150 - 300 ppm).


Directions for use

It is recommended to rehydrate the yeast before utilization. To rehydrate, add yeast to a 10X volume of fresh water at 35ºC to 40°C, then stir and allow to stand for 15 minutes. Pitching rates will depend on the process, but generally range between 25 and 40g/hl.  If added straight to the fermenter, temperature should be between 30°C to 35°C.


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