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Isinglass - Finings

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Sold in 20 g sachet

Clarifies wine and beer.

Very light flocks that immediately dissolve in water, building a perfectly colourless solution. At the nose, the product has no particular smell, only a light note of gelatin.

Isinglass is rich in collagen, which binds to yeast cells in solution. The collagen-coated yeast drop out of solution.

Dosage 1-4 g per 100 L in white and rosé wines; 2-8 g per 100 L in red wines.

Instructions for use in Wine:

Dissolve in water a 2% solution. Add to the mass by pumping over within 2/3 hours after preparing it without creating foam (At temperatures above 30°C the solution tends to separate)

Instructions for use in Beer:

Dissolve 1/4 teaspoon of isinglass powder in 1 cup of cold water for 20 L. Add to just after transferring into the secondary fermenter (or after primary fermentation is complete). Allow at least two weeks for the beer or wine to clear, but it may clear in as little as 3 days