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Legal Notice

Is it legal to make my own beer?

Homebrewing is legal in South Africa for personal comsumption only. There are limits on the amount of alcohol you can store at home (This might be different in different provinces).

It is NOT LEGAL to sell your beer or barter with it. 

Is distilling legal?

You may own a still, ferment and produce alcohol at home for own use. You do need to register your still and own a permit to distill - This is required by law. It is NOT LEGAL to sell you alcohol after getting a permit.

"63.02 Every person who owns, possesses or keeps a still shall apply for a license on form DA 185 and the appropriate annexure, unless such still is used solely for distilling water or any other purpose for which a license is not required"

Is making wine legal?

Registration as a "manufacturer not for commercial use" at the South African Revenue Service (SARS) is required to produce wine at home.