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American style Whiskey

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Brand: Lallemand

Name: DistilaMax® GW

DistilaMax® GW is an active dry yeast and is recommended for use in the production of grain whisky by fermentation of wort made from wheat or maize. It contains a selected strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae distillers’ yeast in a highly concentrated and stable form.  

DistilaMax GW is suitable for the production of American style whiskies from various whole grain fermentations. 

• DistilaMax GW has a short lag phase and ensures a very quick start of fermentation which reduces the risks of contamination by wild yeast and bacteria. 
• DistilaMax GW displays good temperature tolerance and performs well from 20°C up to 34°C. 
• DistilaMax GW produces a clean congener profile that is well-suited to grain whisky and whiskey


• Fermentation of malted barley for whisky production: 0.50 - 1.0 grams per litre of wort (dosage: 500 - 1000 ppm). • Fermentation of on grain mashes for whiskey production: 0.25 - 0.50 grams per litre of mash (dosage: 250 - 500 ppm).

Instructions for use:

1. 1. For rehydration, use a clean container. Do not use demineralized water

2. Rehydrate the yeast in clean water (the water should be 10 times the weight of the yeast and at a temperature of 32°C - 36°C).

3. Suspend contents carefully by gently stirring and then wait for 15 - 20 minutes maximum (minimum 10 minutes) before moving onto the next step.

4. Add this preparation to the wash. If there is a temperature difference of more than 8°C between the wash to be inoculated and the rehydration solution, add some wash slowly into the rehydration solution to reduce the temperature difference. 5. Once the vacuum-sealed bag is open or broken, use yeast promptly