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11.5 g sachet

Dry active fermenting yeast strain for fermentation of New England IPAs (NEIPA) /Hazy IPAs / Juicy IPAs, Double Hazy IPAs & Hazy pale ales.

Excellent top fermenting yeast strain for brewing New England IPAs (NEIPA), Double Hazy IPAs & Hazy pale ales. It produces a juicy/hazy apperance & a well-balanced tropical fruity ester profile together with some residual sweetness on the background while allowing a pleasant mouthfeel and a wide spectrum of hop flavour attributes on the forefront in hop-forward beers. A very reliable yeast strain choice for consistent production of contemporary hazy or juicy ale beer styles.

Brewing parameters

Beer style: All type of contemporary juicy or hazy ales (i.e. NEIPA/hazy IPAs, double hazy IPAs & hazy pale ales).
Fermentation temperature range: 16-23°C.
Estimated apparent attenuation: 75-80%*
Flocculation & sedimentation ability: Medium-low
Alchol tolerance: 9-11%
H2S production: Low