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Pectic Enzyme

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Sold in 50 ml bottle 

What does it do?

Pectic enzyme prevents pectins from forming a haze in your finished wine, cider or beer. 

It also assists in breaking down fruit, allowing you to get more juice and flavour into your wine/cider (the enzyme physically destroys pectins, which constitute the "fleshy" part of most fruits such as grapes, and apples.)

This is a pectolitic enzymatic preparation with a high concentration of pectolitic units. Its particular formulation makes it especially effective in the following applications:

  • settling of fruit juices prior to fermentation 
  • settling of juices for concentration.


The turbidity of certain musts and juices is due to the presence of pectic substances made up of polymers of d-galacturonic acid. These substances are mostly found in the intercellular tissue of grape skins and in the solid parts of fruit juices, the quantity ranging between 0,2 and 0,3%.

The Pectic enzyme is made up of very pure polygalacturonase which acts on the pectic substances and destroys the glucosidic links in the polygalacturonic chain by hydrolysis. This fission produces less polymerized compounds, with a decrease in must density which helps the separation from the solid parts and the elimination of the wine's haziness which is ascribed to the pectins.

Influence of Sulpher Dioxide:

The quantity of SO2 used during the treatment with pectic enzyme should be kept to an absolute minimum as it forms very stable compounds with the pectic substances: this creates strong resistance to the enzymatic activity. The total dose of SO2 deemed necessary should consequently be made up after this operation.


Dosage: 1 gram for 10 L of juice or must.


It can be stored in a cool place (preferably a refrigerator) for up to 12 months