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Pot still malt - Simpsons

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1 kg

Simpsons' number one selling distilling malt.

The main ingredient in Single malt Whiskey production.

2 – Row Spring, high yielding and what most Scotch/Japanese Pot Still Distillers use. 

Min Max
Moisture % 4.5
Extract lt°/kg (7Dry) 315
Colour °EBC 2 4
Total Nitrogen % 1.40
Total Soluble Nitrogen % 0.45 0.6
Soluble Nitrogen Ratio 35 39
Friability % 92
Homogeniety % 98
Glucan in Wort (ppm) 120
NDMA (ppb) 0.3
Fermentability % (un-boiled) 87
Predicted Spirit Yield "as is basis" lt°/tonne 410
Predicted Spirit Yield "dry basis" lt°/tonne 430