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Cascadian Ale/Black IPA (All Grain)

Lynnae Endersby ale black ipa cascadian

Boil duration: 1 hour
Final volume: 20 Litres
Original/starting gravity: 1.060
Final gravity: 1.014 – 1.017
Alcohol: 5.6%


5 kg Pale Malt
400 g Marris Otter
330 g Carafa 1 Malt
330 g Chocolate Malt
400 g Carapils Malt
340 g Pale Crystal Malt
200 g Dark Crystal Malt
20 g Southern Passion hops
55 g Cascade hops
5 ml Irish moss
Safale US-05 Yeast
110 g Sucrose to carbonate

Water needed:
13 Liters @ 78 C to soak grain in (referred to as mashing)

20 Liters @ 80 C to rinse grain (referred to as sparging)

Work Order

  1. Measure out 13 Liters of water into a pot and heat to 78 C°.

  2. Fill cold mash tun  with the crushed grain, add water and mash for 60 min (target temp is 68 degrees but between 65 and 68 will work)

  3. Heat 20 Liters of water to 80. Sparge the grain and drain wort into your brew pot (the temp will drop to 77 degrees) Bring the wort to the boil and add the first hop addition (10 g of Souther Passion) . Boil for 60 minutes

  4. Stay with the pot for at least 5 minutes making sure the wort does not boil over. (if it looks like a boil over might happen turn off the heat and bring back to the boil slowly). While the wort boils make a sanitising solution. This can be made with 4 millilitres of unscented bleach for every liter of water. (Follow the instructions of a no rinse sanitiser if using one).

  5. Soak fermenter and all the equipment that will come in contact with the beer in the solution forat least 30 minutes. Rinse off the bleach solution with cold water at least 3 times making sure there is no bleach residue left.  Once the fermenter is santised pour the sanitising liquid into a suitable container to sanitise glass jug, scissors etc for later use.

  6. After the wort has boiled for 15 minutes - add the second hop addition (10g Souther Passion)

  7. After the wort has boiled for 30 minutes - add the third hop addition (10 g Cascade)

  8. After the wort has boiled for 45 minutes - add the fourth hop addition (10 g Cascade), lower the immersion chiller into the pot (if using one) and add the sachet of Irish moss.

  9. 15 minutes before the end of the boil 

  10. Put immersion chiller in your pot ,add Irish moss

  11. When there is 5 minutes left to the boil add the last hop addition (10 g Cascade)

  12. - Rehydrate yeast in 120 ml tepid water

  13. At the end of the boil cool down wort to 22 C using a immersion chiller and add to the fermenter.

  14. Pitch re hydrated yeast

  15. Ideal fermentation temperature 19 - 23C

  16. Ferment for 2 weeks. Bottle with 116 g granulated sugar boiled in 200 ml water for 10 minutes & cooled.

  17. Shake up the fermenter to aerate the wort for 2 minutes.

  18. Swirl up the yeast and add to the fermenter.  Shake the fermenter well for another 2 minutes.

  19. Fit the airlock filled with water or vodka and leave to ferment between 18 – 24 C° for two weeks.

Dry Hopping:

3-5 Days before bottling:  Add the 25g Cascade hops  either directly to the fermenter with the wort; or Santise an old pair of stockings and make a hop-bag (ensuring that there is enough room for the hops to expand). This can then either be added directly to the fermenter or fasten ontosome string and allow it to hang, suspended in the wort.

Carbonating your beer after 2 weeks


  1. Firstly you will need to make a sanitising solution again with either unscented bleach or a no rinse sanitiser to sanitise your bottles, caps, bottling tube and a spoon.
  2. Measure out 250ml of water into a small pot and add the 110g granulated sugar.
  3. Boil the mixture for 10 minutes and cover with a lid or foil (You can put the lid/foil on the pot the last minute of your boil to sanitise it).
  4. Cool the sugar solution down by putting the pot in a water bath with some ice.
  5. Once the solution is room temperature carefully pour it into your fermenter.
  6. Stir the beer gently with a sanitsed spoon to incorporate the sugar solution. Wait 30 minutes before bottling.

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