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American Wheat Beer - All Grain

Posted by Lynnae Endersby on

What's a American Wheat (as opposed to a German Wheat Beer)?

American Wheat Beer uses malted wheat for 30% or more of the grist and fermented is with either lager or neutral ale yeast. Hop character and bitterness levels vary from low to medium, but all examples display a mild, flourlike malt flavor.


Boil duration: 1 hour
Final volume: 18 Liters
Original/starting gravity: 1.048
Final gravity: 1.011
IBU: 21


1.9 kg Wheat Malt
2.3 kg Lager Malt
7 g Simcoe (12.8 % AA) - First Hop Addition. 60 min
10 g Amarillo (10.6 %AA) - Second Hop Addition. 15 min
10 g Simcoe (12.8%AA) - Second Hop Addition. 15 Min14 g Amarillo (10.6 % AA) - Third Hop Addition. 0 Min
1 x sachet Bry 97 West Coast American Ale Yeast.


Mash the grains in 8.5 L water at 67 C° water for one hour.

Sparge with 11 L water at 76 C°

Bring collected liquid to a boil and add first hop addition ( 7 g Simcoe). Boil for 45 min before adding 10 g of Simcoe and 10 g Amarillo (second hop addition).

When the boil has finished add the last hop addition (14 g Amarillo) while the wort is being chilled 

Ferment at 20 C° for 2 weeks before bottling with  130 g of Dextrose

Age for 3 Weeks.