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Thermophilic Starter Culture

CHR Hansen F-DVS ST-M Culture STI-12 


A Thermophilic Starter Culture is a  bacterial starter culture that is used to make cheeses that have a high cooking temperature. The culture is primarily used in the manufacture of stretched curd cheeses like Mozzarella as well as Romano, Parmesan, Provolone, Emmental, traditional swiss etc


Presentation: Pellets

Composition:  streptococcus thermopiles thermophilic homofermentative culture giving fast acidification.

Directions:  Remove cultures from the freezer just prior to use. Do not thaw. Disinfect the package prior to opening. Open the package and pour the frozen pellets directly into the pasteurized product. Agitate the mixture slowly for 10-15 minutes to distribute the culture evenly.

Pack size: 50u




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