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Suitable for the production of British and American Ales.

Very versatile yeast of American origin for the production of American and English style Ale beers (eg. APA, IPA, Imperial / Double IPA, Imperial Stout, Imperial Porter, Brown Ale, American Barley Wine, etc.). It has an excellent attenuating capacity, a high fermentation speed and medium flocculating. FERMOALE AY4 develops a neutral and clean aromatic profile with very low diacetyl levels.

Beer styles: all type of American Ales (i.e. low alcohol to strong American ales). Very versatile.

Fermentation kinetics: fast. 7 days at 22°C, 13 days at 12°C for 12°P
Fermentation temperature range: 12-28°C
Apparent attenuation: 89%
Flocculation and sedimentation ability: high

0.5 - 1.0 g/L

Direct: Pitch the yeast directly in the fermentor at the primary fermentation temperature of your preference as per your beer recipe.

Rehydration: Dissolve the yeast in sterile water or must at 18-25 ° C in a ratio of 1:10 and let it rest for 20 minutes. Subsequently mix well to obtain the complete suspension of the yeast. Pitch the yeast directly in the fermentor.