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American Pale Ale - Partial Mash

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Take the next step in brewing by trying one of BeerLab's easy to brew tried and tested Partial Mash recipe kits. 


The American Pale Ale is a  refreshing amber coloured pale ale with a citrus-laden hop aroma.

If you love the grapefruit flavours of cascade you will definitely fall in love with this easy drinking beer.


Ready to drink as soon as it's carbonated


Makes 20 Liters

Alcohol: 5.08%

Included in kit: 

  • 1 kg Pale Malt
  • 100 g Cara Aroma
  • 300 g CaraMunich 3
  • 2 kg Dry Malt Extract
  • 30 g Souther Passion hops
  • 35 g Cascade hops
  • 5 ml Irish Moss
  • Fermentis Safale US-05
  • 115 g Sucrose (to carbonate)

Equipment needed:

- thermometer

- grain bag

- Large sieve/Colander

- 15 L pot or bigger


Please indicate if you would like us to crush the grain when you check out your order.